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Who is ADreamer?   I’m a flawed person woven from paradox. Most people misunderstand me and therefore never take the time to know me. You may think I’m a complicated soul but in reality I’m the opposite. I’ve had many regrets and failures in life, however I’m an optimist, I will keep trying until I have at least one success before my time ends. Some people measure success as fame, fortune, power. I measure success by how many lives one can touch in a lifetime. Perhaps that one life may change the world. As a child I was taught to respect all life, embrace this planets diversity and beauty, and rejoice when peace prevails. I was blessed to have kind, wise and wonderful parents. I am eternally grateful to them and a few dynamic people that became my friends. I still grieve decades after they are gone. I’m a person of actions not words as I believe your word is everything. I’m heartbroken from seeing how ugly this world has gotten. Because of that I was compelled to do this website. I seek absolutely no recognition or praise. My only wish, I want more time. I’m not wealthy, but my soul is.

Who is ADreamer?


A flawed person.

Trying to make the world a better place.

I seek no praise or recognition.


I’m not wealthy, but my soul is.